Advertise on North London Radio

North London Radio stands out as the UK’s most popular TikTok Radio Station, Broadcasting for over 20 hours per week LIVE and available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week!, holding a prominent position on the TikTok Platform.

As one of the nation’s most popular radio brands on TikTok, We offer a number of familiar radio shows based upon the Great shows of yesterday, Like The Love Zone based upon the highly successful Our Tune. On Saturday’s we take a step back to Yesterday with the Golden oldies show.

North London Radio caters to individuals who lead busy lives but also appreciate moments of tranquillity in an oasis of calm with a chilled friendly led chat alongside of the best music . By advertising with North London Radio, you align your brand with a station that offers a unique platform to connect with a diverse audience, making it an ideal choice to convey your message effectively over the air waves and online!

Broadcast, streamed and available via the some of the leading radio app’s, North London Radio is available on TikTok, FM Radio APP & My Tuner Radio allowing users to listen on their Apple, Android and Amazon devices.  This allows advertisers to target an audience based on age, gender and location.

Advertising with North London Radio offers a reach of over 2000 listeners per week and a reach of over 2500 website views! We can offer a range of tools that fit your budget and your audience.

Advertising with North London Radio starts at just £5 per month!  Find out more here.